Click on Image for the CodeTo Use Our Backgrounds,add a gadget to your Blogger Layout.Choose the HTML/Java Scriptand paste the code.

For Twitter Backgrounds:

Click on the image and then right click on the enlarged image and click Save Image As. Save the image to your computer. Then login to your Twitter account. Click on settings, design, change background imageUpload your new background.
Check the box tile background. Click save changes
You can also click on change design colors to pick new colors to match your background. Click save changes.

For Desktop Backgrounds:
Click on Background~Right-Click on Large Image~Save As (Save to your computer)
On your Computer Desktop Right-Click on desktop~Select Properties~Select Desktop~Browse for the Image you saved~Open the Image~Click Apply

Clipart and Buttons:
*You may copy and paste images for personal use only


*You may click on the image to get the code. Paste the code in the HTML/Java Script gadget on your Blog or in the HTML of your webpage for personal use only.

To customize the header for your blog, click on imgage first, then right click on the image and save it to your desktop. Open the header in an image editing program such as Powerpoint, Photoshop, Scrapblog, etc. You can add text and even photos.


You can use the image just as we have it in your blog banner without editing it. To do so, copy the code below the header and paste it in the "Configure Header" box in the Layout portion of your blog. Make sure to paste it in the "From the Web" box.

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